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Inclimate Weather

We operate rain or shine. Will close for extreme inclimate weather. Things like, Lightning, Thunder, Tornados, Alien Invasions, Earthquakes, etc. Not sure if we'll be open? Give us call!

Alcohol, Tobacco, etc.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed while on the tour. Intoxicated or impaired people will not be allowed to participate. Smoking is not allowed on the tour; this includes all forms of smoking including lighters, electronic cigarettes, vape pens, dab pens, etc.
We reserve the right to refuse participation by any person POSTOAK Canopy Tours believes is not able, or should not be allowed, to tour.

Running late?

Please give us a call if you are running late. We can be pretty flexible if we know ahead of time. We will not hold tour start times more the 15 min. If you are late we can rebook you for another time/day. (fee's may apply)

What should you wear.

Closed Toe Shoes Are Required! Rental Shoes are available, limited supply. 

Keep your eye on the weather and dress accordingly. Whatever you are wearing when you put your gear on is what you wear for the whole 2.5 hr experience. 

Keep your valuables at home

POSTOAK Canopy Tours & TreeTop Adventure Park is not responsible for any of your personal property that gets lost or damaged. We also won’t be able to recover items that you drop while on the tour lines or platforms.

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