When you're making the list of things that you want your new home to include there are some elements that are going to come to mind right away. You might know that you're a person who is going to like the aesthetic of living in a Toronto loft over a single-family home. And you will likely be aware of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. One of the things that many new homeowners overlook is the element of where their new home is in relation to all of the other locations where they spend their time. You need to decide how much value you give to a short commuting distance.

There are several factors that are going to come into play when you're considering how much time you're willing to commute every week. The first of these is how much you're able to spend on your home and what you want for that amount of money. If you've been saving from your job working with a plastic tubing cutter on a factory floor for five years to get up the money for a down payment then you might be more willing to commute for a great backyard and a man cave in the basement then someone who makes six figures.

The second thing that you should be thinking about is what you're getting out of your new neighbourhood that is worth the commute. Some people don't so much love the house plans that they find in one section of Tulsa rather than they fall in love with one neighbourhood and the personality that it has. Others are willing to pay a lot more and live in a much smaller home so that they can be close to their friends or close to work. If you're someone who helps people when they need to know how to tell if he is cheating as a therapist and you work in your home then you might need to be in a downtown location, for example.

You should also think of the kind of lifestyle that you lead and what mode of transportation you will be using to commute. If you can read a great book in the morning with you're coffee on the train then you might not mind that hour a day as much as someone who works making framed sports pictures who needs to be all over the city at different hours of the day. Those that own a car definitely have different priorities when it comes to commuting then those who take public transportation. Keep all of this in mind when you're looking for your next home.

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